Educational Structure of the Project

Training with an alternative pedagogy means that the method is each and every living being, in our case, the human being, nature is the didactics and pedagogy is exercising respect and observation, as a part of the transformation process.
From here we can talk about scientific extension that will have effect on the planet we inhabit, the planet we work in, the processes and the outcomes will be infinite.
This educational process brings us closer to understanding universal laws, given our infinite nature and close contact to the unrevealed, on planet earth and beyond.
Further we must only occupy ourselves in our farms or homes (shelter = earth, our home and of ourselves) and creating all that earthly nature creates for every living being as a common benefit.
Doing more with what planet earth produces and understanding from the vital experience, that we are the only living beings capable of producing waste, more than what the other species on the planet have requested.
To transcend in the capacity of previewing, to return to nature all of the elements in the same conditions that nature gives them to us, and this will ensure that the Shelter (planet earth) resumes her/his role as a common benefit (which we all have the right to enjoy) of public interest, with stability, sustainability and maintenance.

An Experience to share

The sense of participation in today's world so that life processes are combined to give each other in learning tasks. Were the final constructions in the social part of the project guarantees its continuous extension.
Without interrupting the subjects own experience, but rather complements it, the experience is parallel, its related, and in times its almost twin but not identical, its derived from the original virtual (virtue) source, and where each person can be again a child depending on each encounter and circumstance.

The Legacy becomes culture, it is the passage of the results from the experience in social practice exercises; if this practice is consistent in processes that always spin around the usual, it will generate and facilitate in each moment the inner growth of people, this way human conception is always spoken and managed at any moment.
Beyond transmitting information or mixing it with other information, it is the contact with our equals without any pretentions in our first try to promote the Exchange of needed skills and training.

To Build and rebuild constantly ways to see the world and life, from the multidimensional view and knowledge we all poses. From here we would meet one of the infinite tools of pedagogy, the next step is up to us, and we give this step by participating in the process we call life and going by harmonious growth of multiple methods in a prepared environment (The Shelter) and in an inevitable experience as life itself.

The education

People become independent, learn to manipulate, to walk, to talk and think and to control their own will and this process is given thanks to the child's own creation.

The hands as tools, that when they do something they learn, opening a place for thoughtful reflection: education?, why?, to whom?, to where? With what coordinates if there is already a plan in the DNA data and neural engrams that are already established in earth times frame? All living creatures, plants, animals, minerals, as creative and created extensions of life can identify themselves, with one exception, Mankind. With mankind this doesn't happen, humans function is to educate himself from a primitive biological to a cultural biological condition, exchanging in intellectual spaces as constructive processes. Processes which make necessary to think, and require as the most just to be (yourself), with purposes, theories, that access and consolidate the knowledge that operate our day by day life. This points to the practice of knowledge, in different contexts, and all together expresses as an alternative educational project were no divisions exist, because everything is already given, there are elements in nature that serve as tools or educational instruments, from inside to outside, making this process functional and involving mental processes as instruments to provide a more stable and sustainable life quality in social sector and important usefulness in collective life. We are not knowledge is built, but the person itself, were there's no answers but you can explore and investigate what is known, as a process of maximum realization, writing down this own experience as an important historical event. What haven't we done to living beings? Why should the student be rewarded and his educational level be supported by a record? Education is the expression of wisdom, which means, education is the endorsement. Educating (form) human beings corresponds with the nature (essence) and education as a (multidimensional) learning instrument for the practice of wisdom, will result always in peace.

Education can transform itself into an ideology when it gets out of its context. Is it important to Educate for a country? Is it important to educate for a social community life? Or is it important to educate for the comprehension of earth's natural environment, with multiple languages, multiple dimensions and infinite ways of understanding everything including unexplored universes?

Learning process

Is an important choice for the recognition of what is known and were human creates its own strategies (ways of learning) or constant experiences between observer and observed, teacher and master, students and universe.

The Methodology

There is an internal naturally marked order and every living being has the ability to learn by itself, the method of learning is each one and to think for themselves is the purpose.
Listening to understand, observing to comprehend and doing to learn, all this from a respectful observation for the many ways to explore the known and the unknown.
A unique environment preparation for meetings, a freedom expressed from clear natural boundaries, which provides something different in our case, "the transformation of the farm and home into a classroom" representing a multilateral and multi-dimensional compromise.


It is nature as a tool with multi-dimensional contents and prepared environments, she claims us to do more and better with what the earth produces, it's about creating from existing resources, from essential cultural ways to knowledge and the development of processes that are directed towards stability and social balance, in contexts inhabited by living beings. From Observation - to abstraction (internal dialogue) - to the comprehension of "everythings" meaning (description with many meanings).


It is the exercise, the practice, the dialogue within everyone and the verbal or written communication with the other to exchange knowledge and important life experiences, to understand the message of every living being, collectively.

The Classroom

A prepared environment (land or shelter) is an extension of that universe, where living beings co-create and interact with clear boundaries.

Guide and Student

We chose to teach what we learn from life experience. To guide ourselves in learning process, making us students and teachers at the same time and turns this process in our master experience. It is a conversation with yourself to evaluate or endorse what is known in a prepared environment and through a contrast of ideas that extends to social sectors and slowly becomes permanent transforming it into a culture.


It is a process of knowing our level of commitment (from our virtual field of understanding) establishing for it an alphabetical, numerical or quantum measurement.


The natural result of observation and the processes it entails.


The human living being or extension of a creative and dynamic unit, recalls through processes, which are product of his own choice. His knowledge (being one with the universe) arises from the observation or abstraction or internal dialogue exercises that grows more mature towards the understanding of "everything" and expresses himself through descriptions with many meanings.

Educability and Teach-ability

It is the understanding of our own life processes and the will to respect other ways of living.

The making

Nature manifests itself simultaneously in an infinite multi-dimensional ways; the "making" composes from the human spiritual embryo, the mayor engine for choice, even from birth adulthood interrupts this process.
The Making is something spontaneous, is how nature and human living beings can interact without interfering with their own processes in respect and mutual consultation.

Alternative proposal

Universitas (latin word) or knowledge meeting, knowledge dialogue, is based on the direction of the own process, which develops a positive sense of the being itself, and each student can develop non- competitive activities, offering a self- image and self-confidence for future life situations management.
The exchange of ideas as a joint work is responsible for developing communication skills which clears the way in new environments.
Different age groups make it easier for children to empower adults and to interact from eachothers gifts, each person different and complementary to the educational and day by day tasks in the farm (work), home and other environments. The apprenticeship is defined gradually by the processes, and each student explores this by himself and obeys his inner program. The guide transforms into a student when the student reaches the level of a master.
Every family is subscribed to this process, because they are who assume this compromise as family group and also in communication matters.

Every exercise or assignments are real in the construction of the pilot model and this model at the same time reflects the internal needs of the communities. No one does what is not requested within the community. Every project receives answers from different visions and gives back to nature the elements in the way they were given.
The key to the development of this alternative educational model is the observation, care and respect in the application of the knowhow to the results of itself.
The function of the guide is not to educate the student, but to facilitate the student to follow his own inner guide; this requires great care because the guide's master expertise depends on the student's behavior.
Pedagogical practice is the care of the seed, carefully seeded in a specially prepared environment and to make sure that it will be well-fed and protected, supporting its growth which can be into a rose, an oak-tree or a normal plant, without changing its internal plan.
To be a guide represents a strong eviction of ideals, goals and personal rewards, to have a clear and accurate observation which allows the guide to learn how beautiful and wonderful the spontaneous joyful and pleasant learning process is.
To follow the student by observing him carefully the guide gets to acknowledge him better, gaining affection (Agape Love) and this is not possible if we are caught up in our grief or personal dramas.
It's good to be admissible and in peace to understand and enjoy the process of self-creation of the Student. This inner peace condition and our senses intensely awake, are the essence of real perception (Observation).