What is UNAICHU and why


The abbreviation of the Spanish word construction Universidad AgroIndustrial Científica Humana, which means: an Agro industrial scientific Virtual and Human University under construction.

What is UNAICHU?
UNAICHU is a non-profit organization that supports an alternative educational model in construction to be a Virtual Agroindustrial and Human University; with stability and community compromise, to explore the wisdom of each person who participates in our proposal.

Because more tan growing crops and producing, is seeding perfection of mankind, is to increase the development of their individual energies and turn on in humans spirit the flame of high vitality, to make mankind show their inner beauty and benignity, an education without prejudices, without distrust or submissions, based on freedom and clear natural boundaries.

Understanding that our actions today are simply the result of the educational experience of who guided us, giving us what was best for them at that moment. This way we can feel this war that we live on planet earth as the reflection of our spiritual condition, transmitted by the media, schools and our homes.

An alternative educational experience where adults can heal, children can be born, and teenagers can flourish every day and make this something special, where no toys either money are offered, but victories, greatness, common work and achievements without hurting ourselves, in natural environments, something that ennobles us as human beings and allows us to recognize the importance of every living being.

Education for life is to learn to revere planet earth (The Shelter) and its creatures in a natural way, allowing to transform every environment, transforming rebellion into voluntary compliance , indolence into active tenacity, rudeness into friendly finesse and grace, and disorder into the simplest discipline.
The biggest difficulty for us relies in accepting that today is the inevitable harvest of fruit from our seeding some years ago.

We must consider if whether, what we live today in our homes, country and planet is of our entire satisfaction, by consequence we must ask ourselves, the following: Is it worth to keep betting on a traditional education? For this proposal is very clear that: same as the farm is a classroom, also is the home, these both are debugging scenarios for mankind and effective instruments of human perfection.